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Regular Project Life, monthly class, please contact me for details

Regular card class, Monthly, please contact me for details

Regular scrapbooking class, all levels welcome, please contact me for details

All materials will be provided, all you need to bring along are scissors and glue (if you have a 12" paper trimmer, that would be preferable) Classes £10 please email me to express your interest

As well as loving to craft, I cherish spending time with my family, and I am always the one with the camera taking lots of photographs! Before I started scrapbooking, my photos would sit in there packets in boxes, becoming dog eared, all mixed up and with nowhere to go. Now I have some beautiful scrapbooks in which to display them and I also have a scrapbook on the go for each of my nieces and nephews to give them at an appropriate time in the future. I know from giving scrapbooks as gifts in the past, these become treasured possessions for others. :)

So come along and learn for yourself :)

Don't have time to attend class? I will say one thing about going to class, is that you are out of the house and aren't distracted by the family or the ironing pile !!! I've always found that if I tell the family I am going to a pre booked pre arranged class, that is easier than trying to find a couple of hours in my craft room, BUT this doesn't work for everyone, so how about joining a KIT club?

Every month you will receive a project kit with full instructions, tips techniques and inspiration, all the materials you will need to complete the project i.e. paper, card, embellishments etc and at the end of six months, you will receive a free mini kit (enough product to make at least a single page scrapbook layout). Kits will be £12.50   (due to the royal mails new postage charges)

If you place an order for £45 at the same time that your kit is due for delivery, your kit will be half price with no additional cost for postage :)

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