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As I come across useful tutorials, I am going to add them here, instead of directly into the body of the blog :)
You may have seen some cards made over the Christmas period with the fabulous Woodland emboss folder, I didn't get round to finishing mine but have used the same technique here on the new World traveller emboss folder, ink up one side of the folder, place card in the folder as normal, run it through the big shot, and here is the result....

By Amanda Bates at The Craft Spa http://thecraftspa.blogspot.co.uk/

Here is the detailed imperial version by Lisa Young that I used . But I converted the measurements to a metric version for use in a standard European A6 card...
So for the inner insert - you will need…
Whisper White Cardstock 8” x 140mmW
Scored & Folded at 4”
You can mark & cut as Lisa has - but I used a trimmer to do the cutting –  I find that much easier – so the folded edge of the insert is placed LANDSCAPE up to the top horizontal ruler bar of the trimmer , lined up to a measurement and then you use the vertical cutter bar to make the cuts!
A quick tip though – I found that cutting 2/3 times ensured that my trimmer went all the way through the 2 layers of card neatly – though maybe that was just a sign of me needing to replace my blade!!! Going back to repeat when you discover that the blade hasn’t quite cut through makes for a messy cut!!
So for the first cut – line up your folded edge LANDSCAPE on the top ruler bar at 2 cm – locate your blade at 5cm on the cutter bar – and cut up from 5 cm to the top – ie 0
Then at 6cm on the top - cut from 5 cm to 0
Then at 9 1/2cm on the top - cut from 3 1/2cm to 0
Then at 12cm on the top - cut from 2 cm to 0
And a quick pictorial for those of you that prefer a visual.
Amanda Bates,TheCraftSpa,2014-01,Pop Up Presents Tutorial Pic 001
The paper strips are of course a different size. As Lisa says though – do measure the lengths you need for each section and then trim – no 2 presents were ever the same. For class – I cut my pieces a bit longer so people could then trim to suit the width on their own creation. So these are the measurements with ( hopefully) a bit of overhang….. about 1/2 cm
Paper Sizes – 4 cm H x 10.5cm W; 3.5cmH x 7.5cm W; 2.5cm H x 4.5cm W
Fringe Flower:
 Take a piece of card 2" x 10"fold along the centre length ways. Snip along the folded (creased) edge to about 1cm deep along the whole length, I usually cut a bit off the length on the open edge after I have done this so the flower doesn't stand up too tall from the page. Glue the open edge together and then roll the length of snipped card into the flower and use strong glue on the bottom to hold it and stop it from unravelling.  Use your nail to spread out the petals. Add bling.
This is the heart in my little house configuration box, just fold about 8 hearts in half, you can use a bauble punch or even just a small scalloped circle to make some nice 3D embellishments for your projects. Just glue them down the fold one on top of the other and when dry open out.
Like to know how to make this cute little bow? Follow the link below to my friend Allie Jolliffe's first ever attempt at recording a video tutorial. I think she does a really good job :)
Flower tutorial from http://bleulune.typepad.com/my_weblog/2011/05/fridays-favorites-2.htmlwhat a lovely unusual blog :) Step 1. fan fold a crepe paper streamer (about 24" long) into 8 layers.
2. Cut out a double "humped" shape to make the petals, about 8.
3. Cut a 1" circle base to add the "petals" to. Dip petal edges in PVA and then in glitter.
4. When dry, scrunch the bottom of each petal and attach to the 1" circle of card. Do 4 then repeat on top of the first ones and slightly nearer the centre of the circle with the remainder.
5. Glue a glittered and blinged button into the middle.

Doily Flower Tutorial ....
 Start by adding a strip of double sided tape across your doily. Lay the stamen across the tape and then gather the doily together from underneath in a scrunching type action. Twist some florists wire around the bottom scrunched part of the doily flower. Then wind floristry tape around the wire adding in pre scored or folded leaves as you go.

Just wanted to share this really useful video from Sam at Pootles Papercrafts to help you mount your Flower Shop stamps to match the punch! Wish I had seen this video before I slung mine across the craft room!

Re Inking tutorial: Old and New Ink Pads.

Don't make the mistake of mounting your wood mount stamp sets without making sure you have a wood block big enough for each rubber stamp... lay the stamps onto the wooden blocks to make sure they all fit, BEFORE you remove any of the sticky backing, then stick them all down at the end :)

Here is a flower I made today, using the Stampin Up Blossom punch. Punch 5 flower shapes. The first one the navy blue with tiny butterflies, just curl the petals back over a pencil and then using the large (ball) tipped embossing tool, create a little dish in the bottom. Cut a half or full petal out of each of the other flowers as shown, half out of one, then a full petal, then one and a half petals, and then two (you can play with this) curl all of the petals back over a pencil and bring the flower round to join back together, they tend to end up a little cone shaped, so i cut the points off to various degrees so that the flowers will all sit inside each other. Then with lots of strong glue, sit them all inside each other.  I finished it off by using a boarder punch on a 6" strip of paper and curling this into a roll to sit in the centre of the flower.

The next flower is made from the Stampin Up Bigz die Fun Flower, you could also use the Tim Holtz tattered florals for this. I used 2 of each small, medium and large flowers. Inked the edges and sprayed them until very wet so the ink ran and made a dip die'd effect. Scrunch them up and leave them to dry except for one of the small flowers. Allow this to dry over the end of a pencil, drape it over and squeeze the petals around the pencil being careful not to tear them. This makes a very nice centre. When they are all dry, pile them together scrunch a little more as necessary and spritz if required. :) 

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