Sunday, 30 September 2012

Naughty Scrapbooker !

Well I've done it again, I have done a similar post to this before, explaining that when I have little time, i grab one of my famous "baggies" with a few sheets from a scrapbook collection and a few embellies, and I throw together a quick scrapbook page. What takes a long time is finding photo's to match and of course journalling !!! I end up with a pile of partially made scrapbook pages and then one day I play snap with my photo's and try to finish the pages off .....
I certainly don't always scrapbook in this way, I usually have photo's matched with paper in my "baggies" so that I can complete pages as I go, but when you have a lot of paper, it's not always easy to be so organised :)
I'm in Scrapbook magazine .... readers letters :)

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  1. Fab idea considering my no.1 item I forget when I go to crops is my photos! Lou x