Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Anniversary's ....

Well here I am and I have to say I have been struggling to keep up of late. I have been meeting myself coming back and doing a few extra days at work to cover my colleague who has been on leave. I've hardly had any crafting time and on top of that I could be moving house in four weeks arrrrrggghhhh. Ah well only about 100 boxes left to pack, and I have made a huge dint in my efforts, (I have packed 8) !!! But today I took half an hour to make this card for my Mum and Dad's Golden Wedding Anniversary which is coming up very soon (at the end of the month). Well done mum and dad for making through 50 years of marriage and still being in love, so sweet, here's the card I have made for them, a variation on a previously loved theme, but hey, I am rather busy :)

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