Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Configuration Boxes ....

Hello, I just wanted to do a quick blog post before Christmas, today has been a pretty calm day for me compared to the last few months !!! I have had builders here every day, and it has been nice (since they finished work on Friday) to have the house to myself. Peace at last, which has been lovely these last few days on the run up to Christmas. Of course the house still looks like a building site, but at least there are no builders here, except for Craig who is now waving his paint brush around !!! So over the weekend I had a couple of exceptionally nice days, Saturday with ladies Christmas lunch and Sunday with some crafting pals. I invited a few friends round and said that I would provide these wooden houses which were left over from one of the retreat classes. Everyone brought loads of bits and pieces with them, and we all went to town in making our own unique projects. I haven't quite finished mine yet, but here it is so far ..... just out of interest if you google configuration boxes, you can see some amazing ideas :) enjoy.... not sure about all of the elements yet i.e. Santa :)


  1. Yes it was a great day. This looks lovely Caroline, I love the pipe cleaner candy cane