Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Scrapstars Craft Retreat ....

Well following the weekend retreat I literally did as I said I was going to do, spent the whole day yesterday watching junk on T.V. I had a lovely lie in and still went for a snooze in the afternoon !!! I was shattered though and just sat with my feet up all day, I couldn't even be bothered to make anything to eat and ate about 50 digestive biscuits throughout the day instead :) (followed by chicken soup). The weekend went brilliantly with the ladies attending saying it was the best yet, we made some fantastic projects, but as I was naughty and hadn't printed off my homework (photo's) non of mine are actually complete. I will try to finish one or two off in the next few days and post some photo's ...... watch this space, by for now, C. x

These are all Emma's beautiful Websters Pages                                   examples :)


  1. It was definitely the best yet. Well done

  2. I certainly enjoyed it :) Well done to all concerned.