Friday, 19 December 2014

All Is Calm ....

well is it? all calm or are you acting like a swan at the moment? all graceful above the surface but legs paddling like crazy underneath to keep afloat? Well I hope not, and that you are all calm and moving into the Christmas season happily. Of course the last two weeks have been very busy, there is a lot to do, shopping, wrapping, decorating and catching up with friends left right and centre. I've also had the chimney sweep, and the burglar alarm service, so busy busy busy, but I have now reached the stage of, "it'll be reet" as we say in Yorkshire, or translation everything will be alright :) So I managed a bit of crafting on Monday, and then tried to finish this little project off this morning. I think I could have gone further with sequins and bling, but wanted to do a little post before a weekend of socializing, wish me luck, by for now, Caroline. :)

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