Sunday, 1 July 2012

Birthday Break ....

Well I have been very remiss at blogging lately and I apologise for that, I had a wee birthday break last weekend, and have been back to a crazy time at work (yes I did a four day week again, phew, and saturday morning urgh). So, being so busy at work has meant that we couldn't take time off for a proper holiday, so i booked us a long weekend away .... you guessed it, to the wettest place in the UK Wales !!! Only i could do it huh. I used to go to Wales with the girl guides camping and have such fond memeries of the place, and remember (even back then) thinking it was really beautiful. Well even in the rain it didn't dissapoint me, it is still stunning. It was my birthday while we were away, and i just thought i would post some pictures of my cards .....

Cards from my SU friends
Cards from my friends and family

Special hand made card from Lesley

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