Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Mixed Bunch

Robyn and Danielle (her roomie)
Mixed bunch might be the name of the stamp set, but I've also had a few mixed weeks, work has been increasingly difficult, which has impacted on my normally chilled husband, this has caused me to be stressed too and on top of that Robyn's house has finally come through. That's a mixed blessing, Robyn is very excited and can't wait to move in, but of course there is a lot to sort out first, a million things to order and to organize. Robyn has never had to make so many decisions in her life, and where we've always found shopping a pleasure, it has turned in to a chore over the last few weeks. Anyway, as we keep saying, it will be lovely when it's finished, but here are a few photo's .....
The bathroom as was ........
The bathroom this week !

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  1. Lot's off work to do .... but when it is ready it will be a nice place for Robbin. xxx