Friday, 14 December 2012

Smash it in ....

Well I apologise for not blogging last week, what can I say, we all have one of those weeks now and again. I have had a few trips to the hospital with dad, and extra work and retreat stuff going on, and Oh it's nearly Christmas isn't it !!! Then on Monday Robyn asks, can Kezia and I come and do our books? What she meant by that was, that while we were in Florida, I bought them everything they would need to create a Smash book. It's a new concept to me too, but as they are young, i thought it would really appeal to them, and would be something they could complete quite quickly. So I was at the hospital in the morning and then in the afternoon crafted with the girls only Robyn didn't want to do her book, and carried on making handmade gift boxes as she is making her Christmas presents this year, and i did my very first Smash book (on behalf of Robyn)!
I always keep tickets, receipt, leaflets and maps ....
So here are a few photo's

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