Monday, 22 April 2013

Clockwork .....

Well Saturday was our quarterly all day team training event and we had to make the dreaded swaps !!! I am not used to having to produce so many cards at once so it is a challenge for me, and to add to this my upline Julie also asked us all to make our swaps on a male theme. I know this put a lot of people out of their comfort zone and i was convinced everyone would opt for clockwork, but not so. Anyway because i was also doing an inspiration station, I didn't quite finish my swaps, and just thought the ladies could add whatever they wanted to make the card suite an occasion, but I did put an upgraded version on my swap on the table I used for my inspiration station :) so here it is .... 


  1. Thanks for your swap, I finished it as you suggested. I was especially
    pleased with how you made the cog as I love litte elements like that to add to cards. Have you seen some of the makes from telford using this stamp set, the colours are great. Angie. x