Thursday, 26 June 2014

Project Life ....

I never thought I would be hooked by Project Life, you can achieve such a lot in a very short time. I must have a thousands photographs, my own, my husbands and his families photo's. I started scrapbooking ten years ago and have never stopped, it is my first love when it comes to crafting and I am passionate about it, but I can appreciate It’s pretty daunting to start to think about scrapbooking all your back catalogue of photo's. I love the whole process of scrapbooking and the textures and layering of layouts, to tell me to stop scrapbooking would be like telling you to stop cardmaking because you can buy cards cheaper in the shops!

    I keep my scrapbook pages chronologically, but I don’t scrapbook in a chronological order, it would be too boring and restrictive for me. One day I might be scrapping a baby photo of Robyn and the next I might be scrapping a holiday we went on last month. The photo’s I have used for project life are from a trip to Australia 9 years ago. Honestly until a couple of weeks ago, I hadn’t scrapbooked or recorded one memory from that trip. Now 80% of the trip has been recorded and I did it in about 4 hours with Project Life. I have still made 12x12 scrapbook layouts of my favourite photo's but the rest, left over photo's from the event or holiday, i now "Project Life" them and add them into my scrapbooks along side the 12x12 layouts. With the fun cards and embellishments you can add to project life, and of course some journalling, you can make some really interesting scrapbooks :)

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