Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Mini Break ....

well many apologies for my tardy blogging, I have had awful trouble with blogger and have been struggling to upload photo's for about a month now. I have been having to email photo's to work and add them to my posts from there, not ideal. Last week we went away for a few days to Lancaster, yes really Lancaster! Even my sister asked me "are you really going to Lancaster", well yes we did. We stayed in a log cabin on a lake and it was really lovely to not have to do all the hassle of the airport. Honestly (as many of us Brits say) if you could guarantee the weather in this country, we would stay here for our holidays more often.Upside of travelling in your own car with no wight restrictions ......

This was just the craft supplies lol

This was a photo i took at Morecombe .....   and result finally Blogger is working again Yay. :)

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