Monday, 17 November 2014

Little Break ....

Happy to say we have just had a little break in the sunshine, boy was it needed, it seems to have been a long year. We haven't managed to get away since February and were both very tired, so although we didn't fancy the flight, it seemed to guarantee some sunshine, we had to go a little further afield and ended up in the Caribbean. Can't complain !!! It was lovely, relaxing and warm, unlike the Uk when we got back, ah well :) We just had one little hiccup, and that was that Craig got burnt on our second day, he was so annoyed with himself, he should know better as he is very fair. Because it was overcast, he sat without cream on for 15 minutes, that's all it took, and then he had to spend three days out of the sun :( It didn't spoil it for me, I don't sunbath. It just gave me more time relaxing and reading rather than trotting around .... bliss :)

By the way the ridiculous "Tash" is for Movember!

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