Monday, 24 November 2014

White Christmas ....

The must have of the Autumn Winter seasonal, just makes me think of last years John Lewis Ad with Lilly Alan singing the Keane song "Somewhere Only we Know". I love that song, but had to admit I fell in love with it all over again last year with the Lilly Allen version. Julie came up with an idea for a class named "5,4,3,2,1" and one of the team Rebecca Deary helped design the cards for this class where you make 5 easy cards, then four a little harder and then three with a little more effort and so on, so that in the end you have made 15 cards.
Call me crazy, but I wanted to teach the class and use the stamp set so much. So after gathering dates that suited people, the date we had to choose was the Sunday as I returned from my holiday on the Saturday!
It went really well, I was prepared with my kits ready and everything I needed. I had also set out a display on my sideboard the night before I set off on holiday, so all I had to do was refresh my memory with the jist of how to make the cards, and wait for my guests to arrive :)

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