Sunday, 6 December 2015

White christmas .... Star Book

Well I have been very remiss at blogging recently and have been away for a lovely week and then been terribly busy at work since I came back. Although I have only been back from Madeira for 2 weeks tomorrow, it feels like a lot longer. It was so nice last Sunday to be able to go to our teams social stamping event. We all do our own projects and it is just a get together to chat and catch up. I really enjoyed it as I have missed most of the team events this year due to holidays (can't complain). Anyway one of the team Karen Watts was making a Star Book, it's years since I made one and I decided to play along and follow Karen, anyway due to my excessive chatting I fell hopelessly behind, but as I had made one before, and after a few tips from Karen, I was able to complete this at home, and here is the end result ....

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  1. Lovely star book Caroline... Yours is much more complete than mine! Thanks for the reminder!! Lovely seeing you and chatting... Have a great Christmas!